Smith AMJX S62L & S62M Spin Jigging Rods

Smith AMJX S62L & S62M Spin Jigging Rods

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These latest jig spin rods from Japan have a soft tip and slow response action that loads up the rod for more rebound action that translates in more lure action for minimal effort.  Armor Nanox graphite was developed in response to the demand of anglers that want  "AMJ's unique whippy action and grip design " when designing the new AMJ's 6-foot model.

Composite of low elasticity and high strength graphite, were sourced from Toray Industries' nanoalloy ® technology, which dramatically improves strength and reduces weight. So light, so strong, so whippy.  Easier to use, more reliable jigging rod.

Rod Specifications


One piece 6'2", weight of rod 210g, Line PE4, Max Lure 210g, Max Drag 5kg


One piece 6'2", weight of rod 223g, Line PE5, Max Lure 280g, Max drag 7kg

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