About Us

Yee Haa Fishing is a unique destination store for serious anglers from every corner of the world. It is operated by absolutely fanatical fishing nuts who have a deep passion for fishing and the 
highest quality tackle… We fish hard and are constantly doing research so that we can bring you
the latest up to the minute fishing and equipment information.

Our motto at Yee Haa is to keep it real, don’t get greedy and keep our prices
competitive and fair for the customer.  We offer top service, information and knowledge to 
help our customers grow in their sport.
If we give you our word, we keep our word!  It’s that simple.

Our staff have expert knowledge and each specializes in multiple fields throughout
the store. They offer hands-on tuition as you shop and are dedicated to meeting and
exceeding your expectations.

Our staffing nationalities represent:


Our location in central Auckland makes us handy to both the Airport and Central city.

We have one store in New Zealand, it is tidy, spacious and carries a comprehensive range of products that support each of the fishing categories we specialize in.

These are:

3.Game fishing
4.Soft bait fishing
5.General bait fishing
6.Fly fishing
7.Course fishing
8.Squid fishing
9.Full in-house gear servicing

Let us help you find the right gear for the job and put the sparkle back in your angling pursuits.