Nacsan Wobbly Berley Pot with 30m Rope

Nacsan Wobbly Berley Pot with 30m Rope

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The inspiration for the Nacsan Wobbly Berley Pot with Rope was conceived through the sheer frustration of struggling with strong currents, adding weights, ripped netting and poor dispersal. This berley pot was designed to overcome all of these problems. Its galvanised steel coil construction and open mesh configuration minimizes drag in the water and allows the berley to be positioned vertically beneath the boat at any depth or current. Even when it is angling out the back in a fierce current, it will be closer to the boat than your baits.

By lowering the Nacsan Wobbly Berley Pot with Rope from the boat, you can be sure that your baits are positioned in the berley trail no matter what the wind and tide is up to. If the boat swings on the wind, the pot will move with it and the fish will still have to get past your baits to get to it. This well-built berley pot comes with a 30-metre rope

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