Kilwell Outrigger Tag Line (Pair)

Kilwell Outrigger Tag Line (Pair)

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Kilwell Tagline Kit ( KILTAGLINE - supplied as a pair )

To increase your hookup percentage use tag lines when trolling lures. This helps to cut down on the drop-back that occurs when a clip lets go when you have a strike. By adding a tag line to the outrigger halyard, and attaching your line to it via a clip or rubber band, it allows the fish to come tight onto the drag at almost the same instant he eats your lure. 

All tag lines should be rigged with a Kilwell tag line retrieve weight (sold separately) to get your tagline out of the water and prevent a tangle with your fish. The pressure of a large lure pulling through the water is enough to lift the tag line up to a position even with your pulling point on the outrigger. When a fish strikes, the tag line releases and the outrigger weight brings the tag line back down 
to the cockpit so you can reset it once you catch your fish. 

The tagline is connected to the main running line of the outrigger, or directly to the outrigger itself. The length of the tag line is not critical, but it should be long enough to reach the tip of the rod you are going to attach the line to. The longer the tagline the less drop back. The Kilwell tag line kit is supplied with every thing you need to customise your set up, including simple instructions. 

To attach your tagline to your fishing line, wind a #4 rubber band tightly around your fishing line, then attach the rubber band to the shark clip. When the lure is hit the rubber band will break, freeing your line.

Complete your rig with the Kilwell Return Weights and a Kilwell Rubber Snubber (sold separately)

CONTENTS to make 2 x Taglines:
2 x 4.5m (15') lengths 193kg mono leader. 
2 x Longline shark clips.
2 x EVA return weight stoppers. ( KILSTOP )
2 x S/S stirrups.
4 x Alloy crimps.
4 x Black shrink wrap.
1 x Fitting instructions

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