Centro LED Power Light Deluxe Auto (Gr Bl Wh)

Centro LED Power Light Deluxe Auto (Gr Bl Wh)

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The Centro LED Power Light Deluxe Auto, features 4 x ZOOM- FLASHER LEDs to attract swordfish and other bottom species like hapuku, groper and bass.

The ZOOM-FLASH function has a higher attraction rate for swordfish, and is more likely to entice a strike on your bait. A green/blue/white light is recognised as the best colour option for swordfish, regardless if daytime or nighttime fishing. The LED's on this light continuously change between green/blue/white colours while flashing and zooming.

This Deluxe light has auto on/off feature to save on batteries, as soon as it is emersed in water the light will switch on, then it will automatically switch off when taken out. 

With a strong ABS plastic body, waterproof double O-ring seal, heavy duty S/S sharkclip to attach to dropper rig or swordfish bait this light is perfect for swordfish, grouper etc. Runs for up to 24 hours on 2 x AA alkaline batteries. 

LED colour; Green/Blue/White.

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