AFTCO Clip Goldfinger Outrigger OC1

AFTCO Clip Goldfinger Outrigger OC1

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Super lightweight design for outriggers. Numbered and graduated adjustment slider allows for a precise setting of release tension every time. Engineered not to foul or tangle. The large diameter stainless steel wire bail is polished and coated in gold titanium nitride for less line wear and smoother releases. Extremely corrosion resistant composite and stainless construction.

The AFTCO OC-1 Outrigger Release Clip should be attached directly to the outrigger halyard without the use of swivels. The adjustment-slider end of the clip needs to be "up" towards the tip of the outrigger. 

For fixed position bait trolling, the fishing line should be twisted 5 to 10 times before hooking loop over the clip's bail. The line may also be passed over the bail without twists to allow for adjustment of baits or lures.

1 x Outrigger Release Clip per pack 

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